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Why CommSoft
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Who are we
CommSoft AB is a swedish company that develops solutions for Internet, intranet and communications.

The company develops web sites and intranets - from the simplest static web sites with only information to business critical systems.

Intranet is an effective tool that increases the possibilities for communications, both one way (as from the direction to all the personnel) and multipath (as between the members of a project group). The intranet also connects units and functions that are geographically scattered.

With web technology as the main platform, it's possible to unite document management and business critical applications and ecucation in a single system with an intuitive interface. This leads to a minimal education requirement for the staff and reduced computer administration.

CommSoft manages entire intranet projects, from the strategic considerations that is the natural foundation for an intranet commitment, but not the choice of tools or the implementation of the physical network.

CommSoft work in two areas:
  • Internet related cnsulting
  • Creates and distributes software developed in-house
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