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Estate management: Norretull was of course custom built to suit the customer's needs.

Pizza online: Pizzeria Sambra in Budva, Montenegro updates their web site using WebSite Manager and the new Ajax technology.

Dental treatments and holiday: Dental Clinic Pjerotic in Budva, Montenegro updates their web site using WebSite Manager.

Used cars: keeps cars and pages in check with WebSite Manager.

Online artists shop: SKC Shop is managed using our WebCommerce Basic, the web-based tool that enables easy administration of everything concerning your web shop.

Web site and shop for Profil Europa: The web site for Profil Europa is updated using CommSoft software, and they use WebCommerce Basic in their web shop.

Living by the sea: Åhuset updates their web site using WebSite Manager.

TolkService in Kristianstad uses our business system to manage their interpreters, customers and assignments.

Skyltforum in Kristianstad uses our TaskPlanner, a system to manage and distribute tasks for their employees.

Montenegro real estate: TrioMonte updates their web site using WebSite Manager.

Hockey training and education: SWETEC Hockey is built from the ground up using our WebSite Manager to update the site.

Web site for Arkitektor AB: We've built a web site for Arkitektor, which is updated using CommSoft software.

Web site for Classic Restaurant with advanced features

Web site for Sparre Ekonomistyrning: A site for economics, law and tax matters. This site is also updated using CommSoft software. Visit it at

Intranet solution for Swedia Networks: We've built a system for registering cases, contracts and Human Resources. The system also includes administrative functions, where the administrator can create users and set permissions, maintain the help system and create news that's shown on the front page. This system has since been reengineered into Web Archivist, and thus been generalized to be useable by most companies.

Clothes store on the net: KläddilinShop was previously administered using WebCommerce Basic, a web based system, where the owner can manage products, customers, news and orders in an easy way. We've also built a product catalog fo Kläddilin, whcih can be downloaded to view the products offline.

Swedia Networks licenses CommSoft WebBuilder: Web Builder is the simple and intuitive way to create web pages for dynamic web sites. You need no previous knowledge to use WebBuilder - the program uses templates to enable everyone to create and update web pages quickly and easily.

Contract with Intelliquis International, Inc.: CommSoft develops TotalFax to the american company Intelliquis. TotalFax is simply the best, simplest and most intuitive way to send, receive and manage faxes. There's currently a single-user version available, but we're working on a client/server version. Our EasyFax is exactly the same program.
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